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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:12 pm    Post subject: Free Download Wolmi Island

Free Download Wolmi Island

Where to start here? Imagine the worst possible Soviet Union Russian war movie - bad plot, trite events, loud and empty slogans, obvious lack of funding, awful music, pathetic dialogues, terrible camera work, predictable lines, predictable deaths, laughs, horrid musical singing number in the middle, pompous funeral scene, unimaginably poor editing, amateurish attempt of bestowing propaganda ideas - all this - now, get it onto North Korea, get it in Korean and voila, you get a monstrously bad war movie with all those smart and wise commanders, comedy-touch fat cooks, Young sweet innocent girls, loud words, laughable battle scenes - and you get a really abysmal result that it is so poor one must virtually fasten seat belts to suffer this abomination all through. No redeeming features here, plain horrid
This movie concerns itself with the surprise landing at Inchon by United Nations forces during the Korean War. Naturally, being a North Korean movie it is filmed from their point-of-view and and therefore certain minor discrepancies here and there are to be expected, all things considered. Likewise, the tendency to exaggerate facts is also to be expected with any film production as well. It happens all the time in Hollywood so why should any other production company or studio be held to a different standard? However, the problem with this particular film isn't so much the exaggerations or the observations as presented from a different point-of-view as much as the fact that it paints a totally different picture than what actually took place. For example, according to this movie, a North Korean artillery company not only held off the entire U.N. fleet for 3 or 4 days, but also inflicted severe damage upon it as well. That is not the case at all. Although North Korean propagandists want people to believe that 13 U.N. warships were sunk and cost the invasion force massive casualties, the fact of the matter is that there was just one U.S. casualty and only one ship (the U.S.S. Collett) which had to withdraw from combat due to enemy gunfire—and it returned the next day. That's it. And as far as the North Korean soldiers were concerned, they received a severe pounding to the extent that when the U.S. Marines finally invaded the island there was hardly any resistance at all. As a matter of fact, some of these marines were surprised when 6 North Korean soldiers forced one of their officers to strip naked prior to surrendering. In other words, there wasn't this great commitment to General Kim Il Sung as depicted in this film at all. Now as far as the other aspects of this movie is concerned, I must confess that there were a few scenes which were done quite well. However, there were also some scenes that have to be seen to be believed. One case in particular has this young girl named "Yong OK" (Yung Su Gyong) singing to the soldiers in an operatic voice that clearly belongs to a much older woman. It's quite humorous actually. Additionally, there are several scenes where soldiers suddenly get a strange look of admiration on their face whenever the name of General Kim Il Sung is brought up. Again, you have to see it to believe it. In short, given the historical inaccuracies and the blatant displays of propaganda, I don't give this film much credence and recommend it only for its possible comedic value and have rated it accordingly. Below average.


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